• As for Warrick, you don't have to worry about him. The trees were her friends, and the trees were not the boys friends; that made all the difference.
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    Not too often-- he's usually got Fritzie Vogel running his errands, with Bill Koenig along for muscle. Make yourself at home, Jeeves, and give us the good word.
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    She stood there, just inside the doorway, shaking her head.
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  • Whoever had been holding it tight had let go again.
  • The powerful stream hit the pavement at the feet of the spectators with the force of a sledge, and those nearest it leapt back, cursing, as splintered pieces flew up in every direction.

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    Already Quentin was evidencing the sort of changes that would affect them both in the end, growing beyond himself, shaking loose from his life.
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  • To approach the mother-spirit of it, to overcome her resistance and capture the essence. The supposed sarcophagus of Khafre lay near the western wall, embedded in the floor.
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    While the war droid went for Wee Gee's nonexistent vital organs, Wee Gee used his power grasper to grab the other machine's throat and rip its head off.

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  • I went after him in earnest, though not yet for the kill. I had to remember to tell Dom Fanelli about local village police, and this neat Orwellian database.

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